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Two causes of disease

I personally believe there are two causes of disease. Deficiency, and toxicity.


Everything your body needs that it doesn't have.


Everything your body has that it doesn't need. Whether that comes in the form or inflammation etc, or, environmental toxins.

What can we do?

1. Replace nutrients that are lacking from the body

2. Remove the overload of toxins

If deficiency and toxicity is an on-going pattern, the immune system can suffer, and overall cellular health can struggle, where visible signs of dysfunction and imbalances can start to appear (symptoms).

Where to start?

~ Ruminant meat

~ Liver

~ Seafood

~ Eggs

~ Raw milk

~ Seasonal vegetables

~ Ripe fruits

~ Raw manuka honey

~ Fermented foods

~ Bone broth

Cook like your great-grandmother, using local, organic, pasture-raised, nutrient dense, mineral rich foods.


1. Ensure drainage pathways are open to allow toxins to be able to move out of the body.

We naturally detox 5 ways:





Menstruate (if applicable!)

The primary way we detox is through the liver and into the stool

We need to be pooping 3 times each day. If you are pooping once a day or less, your gut health needs work!

And, sweat it out!

Saunas are idea for this. Ideally, we'd be getting a 'sweat on' 3 or 4 times each week! If you choose to exercise, remember, don't overdo it. That can just create more stress on an already stressed-out body!

Day to day, it is just worth being mindful around our food, the air we are breathing, our actual breathing technique, the quality of our water, our EMF exposure, and our mindset, and emotions.

How are we starting our days? What words are we speaking to ourselves? Are we being kind to others? Are we showing love to ourselves, and to one another? Are we working on releasing stuck emotions?

The main things to remember are, releasing that emotional toxicity, and good poops, are two of the biggest things we can do for our health, and to help prevent and heal disease.

All that being said, you, I, and everyone's best is good enough. Enjoy the journey to better health!


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