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Gut health, stress + mindset expert

Meeting at the office

Empower                             through
a refreshed healthy approach to nutrition and lifestyle

your workforce

A sustainable approach to building happy, healthy, engaged and high-performing teams

Start creating an environment where wellness becomes a sustainable culture.


Health Coaching is a solution that can be utilised by your business, to help you reduce the cost and impact of mental, physical and emotional wellbeing issues in your organisation.

Poor nutrition, stress, and an unhealthy lifestyle can significantly affect employee health and performance. Healthier employees means a more productive workforce, reduced sickness leave, lower employee stress levels, and improved staff retention.

Why work with a                          

Health Coach?

Work with a Health Coach to educate and empower your team to get well, stay well, and thrive in the workplace, and improve productivity in your business

According to Government statistics, 822,000 UK workers currently suffer from work-related stress, depression or anxiety

The Institute for HealthCare Consumerism finds the average reduction in health-related costs due to workplace wellness programs are 28% fewer sick days, 30% fewer worker’s compensation cases and a 26% reduction in healthcare costs.

70% of employees said that 2020 was their most stressful year.

Poor mental health is believed to cost between £1,205 and £1,560 per employee per year.

                             in your people?
       Start with their                 



Become an employer of choice

Create an environment where employees are happy and healthy, which creates a positive reputation for your company as being am employer of choice.

Boost productivity

Encourage more engagement in each role, boost morale, and increase focus and productivity.

Build resilience

Provide employees with the knowledge, and tools to build resilience, particularly to stress, within their bodies, physically and emotionally.

Workforce retention

Create a reason for employees to stay, and work with you to build your business up.

Safeguard mental health

And as an employee, even just knowing you are heard and cared about by your employer, can make employees feel more value, and feel they have purpose. Provide tools so employees have actionable steps and the confidence to care for their mental wellbeing, creating that resilience, but feeling confident in asking for help when needed.

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            THE HEALTH COAHCING HUB         



A good Health Coach knows how the body works, understands the importance of fitness, has a good basic knowledge of nutrition and is trained to educate, empower and support clients to make positive changes to improve their health and take control of their life. Using a range of specialist coaching tools and techniques, a Health Coach works with clients to set realistic goals that can easily be achieved and sustained.

Health coaching enables people to create real change in every aspect of their life, including their diet, fitness levels, career, relationships, home environment and general wellness. Health coaches can assist with a range of health-related issues including weight loss, stress, digestive problems, blood sugar regulation and detoxification.


They are able to support clients with nutritional requirements, exercise and sleep routines, stress management plans and problem-solving strategies. Mental Health problems are one of the biggest struggles for employees, and businesses, so by keeping wellbeing levels high , businesses can help in lowering the risk of your people being challenged by mental health.


& Exercise

& Relationships

& Toxic Load

& Lifestyle Goals

Work with Sian to inspire
                  in your workplace


Sian works to engage, empower, inspire and motivate your workforce, to help them understand the effect nutrition and lifestyle factors, has on their physical and mental health. how to boost productivity and success through good nutrition.

These factors are key to a successful collaboration between employee and coach. Your businesses needs can be discussed, so a bespoke wellbeing service that is a good fit for your business, can be presented to your workforce, to create sustainable long-lasting positive change.

Healthy food

Nutrition Lunch + Learns

Interactive and engaging working lunchbreak seminars covering key topics in relation to nutrition and lifestyle. 

Key topics covered include how to eat for brain power, mood and even energy. Lunch and learns are bespoke and provide practical strategies to empower employees to lead a healthy and successful lifestyle.

Group therapy

Group Workshops

Sian's workshops take seminars to the next level, taking a more in depth look into a subject, such as digestive health. These workshops cover not just nutrition, but lifestyle factors too, taking a more whole-body approach, which is how employees can take their wellbeing to the next level, creating better physical and mental resilience in the workplace, and better performance. Workshops provide the opportunity for a more interactive approach.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

One to One Clinics

This option is designed for any employee of your business that is experiencing on-going health and wellness struggles. One to one health coaching involves Sian sitting with your employee in a private space and exploring a thorough health and lifestyle history. Sian will consider all information provided to her in the health history case taking session and co-create a coaching plan with your employee, to improve how they feel, and how they can thrive. The coaching plan could include nutritional aspects and even movement, but also, relationships, career, their environment, and their toxic load. Bringing their health into balance, and improving their employee sickness record, saving your business money.

Have something else in mind, or would like to discuss a completely bespoke option? Please contact sian to arrange a complimentary discovery call

Sian is based in South Wales but delivers workplace wellness seminars and workshops across the UK with the option for virtual or face to face delivery.


Sian Elizabeth Wellness


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Sian Elizabeth Wellness was founded by Sian in January 2021. Sian graduated with a Higher National Diploma in Health and Social care, and then went on to study with the UK's number one training provider in natural therapies, the College of Naturopathic Medicine. Sian graduated as an accredited CNM Health Coach in January 2022.


Not only has Sian helped many people turn around their health and wellbeing, and is now running her own business, but she has previously spent many years of her life working in high stress environment, namely 13 years in an active role within the police

force, the council, and Welsh Government. So, she is well versed to the struggles trying to remain healthy whilst meeting the needs of a business as an employee.


The weight of trying to manage the work-life balance can have a negative impact on health, wellness and ultimately, performance. This is where improving wellness in the workplace comes in.

Sian studied at the College of Naturopathic Medicine, is a member of The UK Health Coaches Association, and a member of The Association of Naturopathic practitioners.


''Sian hosted a wellbeing eveing for the students as they had been struggling with the lockdown. The information, tools, and motivation Sian provided was second to none. She is kind, approachable, and the students loved her. The students were really happy with the evening, so much so that we invited her back for a second time!''.

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''I cannot recommend this wonderful lady enough! I went to her with a wealth of issues and I am now totally healed a year later following her advice. no more sleep issues or stomach bloat, my energy levels have rocketed, my servere psoriasis has totally cleared (which I had for years), better mood and outlook, my skin is glowing and I have zero pmt! I have been blown away at the depth of knowledge she has which has blatantly been gained through hours and hours of extensive research. sian does not only give you advice she invests herself whole heartedly into supporting your whole journey, covering factors I never thought would affect me so adversely! she has opened my eyes in so many ways and given me the fundamental tools to now continue to lead a healthy lifestyle for my family and I.
it was an easy decision to seek sian's support as I knew of her passion for helping others. however, I have gained so much more from her support than I ever anticipated and for that I will be eternally greatful''.
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