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Not only is eating seasonally more affordable, foods taste better, we can avoid overseas contaminants in terms of pesticides etc, is better for the environment, we can support local farmers and producers, but also, seasonal food is better for our health.
In season produce is more likely to be fresher, consumed closer to harvesting and higher in nutritional value. Certain micronutrients, antioxidants such as vitamin C, phytonutrients etc are likely to be reduced or lost during long periods being stored during transportation from other countries.

Eating seasonally also supports our body's natural nutritional needs. For example, during winter, citrus fruits are naturally more abundant, and they are designed to be appropriate for our health during those months. If we look at lemons, they are a great source of vitamin C which is needed to help us support our bodies during the times we can struggle with winter cold's and flu's, which is usually more so during the winter months.

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