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Tips to help combat oestrogen dominance

1. Support lymphatic system.

Movement is a great tool to get the lymph moving. I love gentle rebounding! Sauna's can also be beneficial.

2. Consume sufficient animal protein and glucose to support liver detoxification.

3. Support gut to encourage

1-3 good bowel movements every day.

If the excess oestrogen is not pooped out, it will likely be reabsorbed.

Raw carrot salad, well-cooked mushrooms and bamboo shoots can help move excess oestrogen through the gut.

4. Consider switching foods high in polyunsaturated fats for saturated fats.

PUFAs can act like oestrogen in the body. Many foods contain PUFAs but if they also contain saturated fats, the saturated fat can be protective against the polyunsaturated fat. Eggs are a great example of this. Vitamin E rich foods would also be very supportive.

5. Limit soy foods. Again, these can be estrogenic.

6. Be mindful of iron overload and whether iron could be stuck in the tissues.

Iron overload and oestrogen dominance generally go hand in hand.

7. Reduce toxic overload. From cleaning products to personal care products, to the water you drink.

8. Consider side effects of hormonal birth control and make an informed decision that is best for you.

9. Implement practices to help mitigate stress, as stress can cause hormonal imbalance and so, oestrogen dominance.

Practice emotional release and deal with trauma. Stored emotions and trauma can contribute to imbalances.

Please note, this is not medical advice, but for information purposes only


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