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The stress and hormone connection

STRESS: asking the big questions!

You can do all the things…..the nutritional changes, hitting the weights. But if you don't address stress, there is only so far that good food and those weights will take you.

Stress can really mess with hormones and create those 'common, not normal' symptoms in terms of your menstrual cycle. Stress is appropriate in some situations, but it's designed to help you survive. It's a survival mechanism. Stuck in a constant state of stress is also common but definitely not OK on the body.

Stress can come from anything from food (poor nutrition habits), to toxins, to your work environment etc. A long list! It can be easy to notice these types of situations causing stress but maybe not so much the issues that run deeper. Maybe the issues we don't want to face or haven't even recognised as a problem.

The deeper running stress could look like past trauma, stressful work environment, hating your job, debt, struggling as a parent, as a partner, struggling in a relationship, ongoing resentment, feelings of unworthiness, lack of quality sleep, excessive exercise, hunger, disordered eating, big life events, loneliness, rapid weight gain or loss, travelling, low blood sugar from unbalanced meals……and that list could go on.

It's not always easy but until you start chipping away at some of these, there may be only so far you can take your health journey. Become more aware and ask yourself, what needs to be worked on? What can you change? What can you improve? What can you implement?

So, listen to your body. How do you feel? How is your cycle? How is your overall health? And maybe, consider asking yourself the big questions. Maybe, just maybe, there's some things that require shifting, that could make a huge difference to your cycle and overall wellbeing. Maybe there are things going on that you haven't wanted to face, maybe you haven't recognised them, maybe you have but they seem just impossible, just too difficult, impossible to 'fix'. There's always a possibility. The first step is to ask the big questions, acknowledge what needs to shift and find a way to move through it. The kind of stuff that can change your cycle, and your life.


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