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Is your body telling you it is constipated?

- You aren't pooping at least once a day?

- You strain when you poop?

- You spend ages on the toilet trying to empty your bowels?

- Your stool is hard? Maybe even like pellets?

- You don't feel like you have experienced a full evacuation?

- You feel bloated?

Ideally, we want to be emptying our bowels 1-3 times a day. Bowel movements should ideally appear as 3-4 on the bristol stool chart, which means brown, easy to pass, and you should feel like you have had a full evacuation. If this is not happening, it is definitely something that needs to be addressed, because there is a deeper reason why it is happening.

Common root causes, or contributors of constipation can include:

- An imbalance of gut microbiome

- Poor gut motility

- Eating too fast contributing to slow digestion

- Mineral or vitamin deficiency

- Unhealthy processed food that drives gut inflammation

- A sluggish thyroid

- Other hormone imbalances

- Mould (or, mold for USA friends!) illness

- Dehydration

- Food sensitivities

- Certain medications

- Stress

- Nervous system dysregulation

- Unprocessed emotions

- Sedentary lifestyle

If we aren’t emptying our bowels effectively, it can lead to pain, bloating, gut imbalances, and even toxicity. If we aren’t fully emptying our bowels, the toxins that were intended to be removed out of our body, can end up recirculating around the body.


Factors to explore:

- If gut dysbiosis is present, what is causing that imbalance?

- Be mindful of north to south digestion

- How are magnesium levels? Are you getting and absorbing enough magnesium?

- How is your mineral intake and balance, in general?

- Are you drinking clean, mineral rich water?

- Be mindful of unhealthy processed food consumption. These can bind you up!

- Ensure enough fat consumption

- Add ginger to your daily diet as it is great for gut motility

- Support thyroid. Hypothyroidism slows down various systems of the body, including digestion

- Test for mycotoxins from mould

- Solé water

- Sensitivities can create inflammation in the gut and therefore, constipation

- What is causing sensitivities to certain foods?

- Try to lower exposure to pesticides

- Try to lower exposure to antibiotics, if being overused

- Work on emotional release

- Support nervous system

- Support adrenal glands Mitigate stress where possible

- Get moving!

You don’t have to live with symptoms, disrupting your life, and contributing to further health issues. There is always a root cause, and creating the solid foundations to equip the body to move towards healing, is the perfect place to start.

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