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Benefits of raw milk

Raw milk is unprocessed, meaning it is unpasteurised and unhomogenised, and so retains all it's nutrients.

Raw milk is a complete food and jam packed with vitamins, minerals, fatty-acids and other important nutrients such as vitamins A, B2, B6, B12,, C, D, E, K2 and an array of vital minerals. It's rich in good bacteria that's supportive of a healthy gut, rich in phosphate which supports absorption of calcium. The list goes on Fresh! Fresh milk from the cow is full of vitality!

Raw milk is a living food and so contains a whole lot more nutrients than pasteurised milk. And is a much better nutritional option that nut milks. And it is a complete protein. Much of the nutrients can be lost during pasteurisation. But not all!

Some people can struggle with tolerating dairy milk but there's usually a root cause to that. What is causing the intolerance? Raw milk contains natural enzymes such as lactase, phosphatase and lipase which can help the digestion. Often, some of these essential enzymes are removed from conventional store bought dairy milk, which can affect how it is digested. You need lactase to digest lactose! Stress, hormone imbalances, nutrient deficiencies in the body, low quality milk, physiological factors such as hypothyroidism (raw milk is a great supporter of the metabolism, and therefore, thyroid function!), gut issues, consumption of gut irritating foods - there are so many factors to why someone may find it difficult to tolerate dairy.

Organic grass-fed raw dairy from a good farm and healthy happy cows has many benefits and can be very supportive of good health. Take a look at some of the benefits below:

+ Improves bone density

+ Improves body mass

+ Helps regulate blood pressure

+ Helps improve cardiovascular health

+ Supports metabolism

+ Supports immune system

+ Improves vitamin & mineral absorption

+ Is a complete food

+ Neurological support

+ A great source of usable calcium

+ Contains many vitamins and minerals

+ High protein content

+ Free from hormones and antibiotics

My favourite way to drink it is making a chocolate milk using raw cacao! You can find where I source my raw milk here.


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