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Are you symptom chasing?

We don't chase symptoms around here.....

The body just needs nourishment from proper food. Food your great-grandmother used to eat.

It needs sunlight. Go and grab those first rays of the morning sun which are so important to stimulate the production of key hormones and neurotransmitters.

It needs feet in the earth, the grass, the sea. It just wants to be submerged in nature.

It needs sleep. Proper sleep. A bed time and a wake time at the same time, every day.

It needs good, clean, mineral rich water.

And it needs love. Mind and body. It needs calm, loving words, understanding, forgiveness and patience.

It will get there, in it's own time. Don't rush it. And don't look for the end result. There isn't one. Just give it a whole lot of love. Be patient with it. There's no end goal ladies and gents. This journey is ongoing. Embrace it and enjoy it. You'll likely already be shining bright, even if you can't see it right now.

As a Health Coach, I'm not here to diagnose, or to treat illnesses. What difference would that make anyway? If you are doing all the right things? If you're loving yourself, and nurturing yourself inside and out? You'll be heading in the right direction anyway.

But I am here to help you create those healthy habits when you are feeling stuck. To guide you. To empower you. To help you take a holistic, whole-body approach to your health journey. To look at every area of your health and lifestyle, from nutrition, to movement, to sleep, to stress, and so on.

My job is to walk with you arm in arm on your journey, to help you create life-long change. To help set you on that journey to thriving.

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