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Corporate Wellness

Employees perform better, bring more to your business and are far more able to reach their own career goals and succeed, when they are empowered and motivated to look after themselves, feel more nourished, have increased happiness and overall contentment, are able to better manage daily stressors and just generally feel good.


And as an employee, even just knowing you are heard and cared about by your employer, can make individuals and teams feel so much better about themselves, as they feel heard and appreciated, and as a result, bring more to the table whilst increasing morale at the same time!

The world is not like it used to be many years ago. Stress has become the norm, and people, both men and women, are having to juggle work, a home, family and it can start to weigh on people's shoulders. Having worked 'the grind' myself, I know exactly how this feels and the negative effect burn out can have on a person's health and their performance at work.

Add on to that the current climate of the rise in working from home, where we are more isolated, moving less and eating more, can add to the weight on people's shoulders and ultimately have a negative impact on their health.

This is why as an employer, focusing on wellness in the workplace can be really beneficial and bring great results for both employer and employee, in business and health.

The Institute for HealthCare Consumerism finds the average reduction in health-related costs due to workplace wellness programs are 28% fewer sick days, 30% fewer worker’s compensation cases and a 26% reduction in healthcare costs. Interesting, hey?

Co-working in a Bright Office

My Approach

Having worked in corporate myself for many years, I know too well how the weight of trying to manage the work-life balance can have a negative impact on health, wellness and ultimately, performance. This is why I am so passionate about improving wellness in the workplace.

I am now a Certified Health Coach (College of Naturopathic Medicine), based in South Wales. I offer in-person and online services and combine a mixture of nurtitional and lifestyle advice to promote overall health and wellness.


What I offer through my corporate coaching at Renew Holistic Health is wellness workshops which combine both nutritional support and wellness coaching, to look at a number of areas that make up overall health.

My bespoke wellness programmes focus on coaching around nutrition, mindset, stress management, the internal and external environment and anything else you feel is an important part of your employees lives, to help lead your team in the direction of a thriving immune system, a thriving mindset and better overall health.

I work to engage, empower, inspire and motivate your workforce, to help them understand the effect nutrition has on our physical and mental health. These factors are key to a successful collaboration between employee and Coach. We can discuss what your needs are as a collective and design bespoke sessions that are a good fit for your business, that work to create sustainable long-lasting change.

My Services

I can provide a simple team one hour package for small or large businesses, or we can expand on that package depending on your requirements. Bespoke 1:1 Coaching is also available for any employees that require that tailored, one on one engagement, if they are experiencing on-going health struggles or if returning to work after an extended period of time away.

My aim is to fully engage your workforce, whether that be one employee or 1000 employees, encourage deeper thinking, open-mindedness, discussion and trouble-shoot some common blocks in the road that people face.

Popular topics include:

Mitigate stress through nutrition

The impact stress can have on the body and how to better manage our stress response through nurtition and daily habits

Gut health

How gut health impacts our entire body, physically and emotionally and how to make improvements to support our  overall thriving health and vitality. Our gut is strongly connected to both our brain and immune system

You are not your anxiety

The root causes of anxiety and steps to feel calm, uplitfed and empowered to manage your symptoms and feel like you again

Goal Setting

The secret to goal setting to create long-lasting change and success through creating sustainable new habits

Work with me


If you’d like find out more about my corporate health and wellness services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via the contact button below.

Details of my 1:1 Health Coaching can be found here

I look forward to working together.

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